Our Recreation Aims

We establish Community Resource Centres in existing community buildings (ideally a school). By utilising existing infrastructure, we don’t waste money on new buildings and we create strong relationships with local schools that act as a platform for our educational programmes.

By establishing these centres in a community we aim to:

  • Provide regular, enjoyable activities
  • Increase creativity
  • Raise awareness and education of health issues
  • Encourage structured participation in sports
  • Engage the youth with issues within their community
  • Encourage a reading culture to develop

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Community Resource Centres

Our Community Resource Centres provide:
  • A Library (English language and local language books, both educational and fiction)
  • Art Equipment (pencils, crayons, colouring pencils, rubbers, rulers, paper)
  • Sports Equipment (footballs, netballs, volleyballs)
  • Games (ludo, draughts, playing cards & chess)
  • Musical Equipment (set of drums)
  • Sports Pitches (netball, football and volleyball)

The centres are open to all residents in the surrounding community, and a small annual membership fee* is charged to create a sense of ownership and value.

*The fees collected are re-distributed to the community, with the resource centre members deciding how the money will be spent


Community Tournaments

We run regular ‘Community Tournaments’ (3 times a year), where the communities from our various resource centres are brought together to celebrate their work with a sports tournament, arts competition and health talk delivered by a local health worker.

The focus is on engendering community cohesion and providing an enjoyable day that the whole community can get involved in.

A health talk is delivered by a clinician from a visiting health clinic focused on a single health issue.

The sports competitions give the teams from each centre the chance to compete in a tournament, building team spirit and leadership skills.

The tournaments have proved hugely popular, drawing hundreds of participants of all ages.




An original programme written by wannabeamazin – participants learn a range of artistic skills, from basic drawing and painting, to shading and story boarding, with different themes developing over a number of sessions.

Volleyball3Coaching in football, netball and volleyball is provided, encouraging players to work together as a team. Each team then competes against local communities to put their training to the test!