How your money is spent

How are your donations spent?

Uganda Creates is run from the UK entirely by volunteers so, apart from the small cost of hosting this website, there are few administration costs to the charity! This meant that, in 2011, we were able to spend 96 pennies out of every 100 that you gave us directly on the people who benefit from it in Uganda – see breakdown below.

Working together to increase efficiency

We have forged links with other NGOs working in Uganda to ensure we do not cross over and provide the same type of programmes in the same area. We also seek to share best practice about our experience and gain knowledge and ideas from other NGOs.

Although this seems obvious, we were suprised to find that many larger NGOs in Uganda do not do this, preferring to compete with each other to be the provider of services. We believe this is the wrong approach to international development as money is spent on the same things in the same places by different organisations, mistakes are repeated, money is wasted and efficiency gains are not made.

Making your donation go further

When we discuss our operations with larger organisations that have operated in the area for years, they are amazed at what we achieve on such a small budget and constantly ask us how we do it! By working together and sharing knowledge NGOs can achieve greater benefits, provide a better service and ultimately make donations go further. This is what we aim to do at Uganda Creates, always making each pound donated go that little bit further.

Financial Reporting

We have a very strict budget reporting process with our team in Uganda meaning we can trace every penny (‘shilling’ in Uganda!) that is spent, right down to an individual pencil bought for one of our art programmes!

Donation Guarantee

Your money will not get swallowed up by overhead, administration and governance costs, it will be used for the purpose in which you intended when you donated – for the benefit of people in Uganda.

In 2011 96% of the money we received in donations was spent on our resource centres, programmes and staff in Uganda, with just 4% spent on covering adminstration and fundraising costs here in the UK…this is a fact we are very proud of. See breakdown below:

*Equipment in Resource Centre utilised for Sport, Art and English Programmes
**Whizzkids, Creative Studies and Village Tournaments
***Marketing, Fundraising and Miscellaneous Costs