Enjoy a Delicious (Guilt Free) Burger!

Enjoy a delicious burger at the Thirsty Bear pub – one of the top burger bars in London – and sit back, safe in the knowledge that you are making a difference to lives in Uganda!

Enjoy the 'Amazin Matador' burger at the Thirsty Bear

The Thirsty Bear are dedicated to providing their customers with a unique experience, allowing creativity to flourish with a ‘Design Your Own Burger’ option on their iPad menus and the ability to pour your own drinks at self-service pumps. Something you just don’t get the opportunity to do in other drinking establishments.

As such, when they started thinking about their impact on society and what small things they could do to ‘give back’, they wanted to link up with a Charity that shared the same principles – creativity and opportunity. We, wannabemazin were an obvious choice for them!

In May 2013, in the spirit of creativity, we devised a competition in conjunction with the Thirsty Bear, asking their customers to design their perfect burger. The head chef short-listed two of the best designs, and they went on the menu for a week – the top selling burger after that week was crowned the world’s first ‘Guilt-Free’ burger.

How is it guilt-free?

Well, £1 from every burger sold will be donated to wannabeamazin – which means one more child in Uganda will get access to all the programmes that wannabeamazin offer for a whole month. Amazin.

Check out the Thirsty Bear website here: http://www.thethirstybear.com..and next time you feel peckish – go for the guilt-free option!