Our Education Aims

Education is the cornerstone of what we try to achieve in our programmes. However, rather than trying to impose upon the current education system, our educational programmes are built upon the existing educational structure, to provide supplementary learning.

We use engaging vehicles such as sport and art to:

  • inspire young people in their learning
  • encourage them to take on board important life skills which will not only help them live happy, healthy lives, but also improve their future employment opportunities

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WhizzKids United

World AIDS Day 2WhizzKids United is a life skills programme developed by Africaid in South Africa to target the HIV epidemic. The programme uses football as a fun and interactive tool to teach children the valuable life skills that will prevent them from contracting the HIV virus and go on to live happy, healthy lives.

We partner with Africaid to deliver the programme in Uganda to girls and boys within the communities in which we work. We have now been delivering the WhizzKids United programme since 2008, reaching over 3000 young people in a total of seven schools.


Creative Studies


Creative Studies is an original programme created by wannabeamazin, designed to encourage creativity and personal development through structured activities. It uses themed learning to increase the participants’ awareness of themselves, their community and the world in which they live.

Participants use their imaginations to create stories, characters and role-plays. The programme runs throughout the year, encouraging each participant to set themselves goals and achieve small levels of success throughout the course.