Bajjo Project

Bajjo Overview

In 2008 a small team from the UK established the first Uganda Creates project in Bajjo; a small village in the Luwero District of Uganda.

Being the first project site means that it hold a special place in the hearts of wannabeamazin staff. The change in the village since 2008 has been quite remarkable with the introduction of mains water for a handful of residents and the development of the small path that runs through the village into a single lane track that cars (with good suspension!) can drive down.

The project is based at a newly opened community primary school and is now being run by a local team headed by Joshua, the Resource Centre Manager and one of our first Resource Centre members back in 2008.

Focus Areas:

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Bajjo has a fully stocked Community Resource Centre that is open 7 days a week. A full range of recreation programmes are run from the Community Resource Centre.
resource centre members
centre visits in 2013

*numbers accurate as at January 2014

A computer training programme was launched in Bajjo in 2013 and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The Vocational Training Scheme (VTS) was initiated in 2014.
computer training students
VTS beneficiaries – click here to read more

*numbers accurate as at January 2014


Creative Studies and Whizzkids United are both run at Bajjo Community Primary School by the Bombo programme team.
creative studies students
Whizzkids United students

*numbers accurate as at January 2014

In Focus: Computer Training

The recreation department here in Bajjo is amazing, and as a community we are happy with the facilities in our community.

In particular I enjoy the health programme provided with the tournament and the library facilities; but the introduction of the computer programme here is really amazing. It makes us feel like we are Kampala youth. The skills are really good we look forward to having more teachers and more computers for the programme.”

(Kato Godfrey, 14, Bajjo member)

Bajjo Location Map

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